Terms of Service

This User Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") is an application or skill managed by Beyond Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") (including its successor applications and skills, Skill ") (hereinafter referred to as" the service ") that is to be provided through this service. A member who wish to register as a member of this service will be able to receive service as a member of this service only for those who have been registered as members of the Company and subsequently approved by the Company. This agreement is applied in conjunction with guidelines and notes etc in this service (including those which are also included in this agreement, unless the context should be interpreted differently). For those under the age of 18, some functions are restricted, so it is necessary to complete the age certification procedure to use this service. By completing this certification procedure, we regard the member registration applicant as agreeing to the terms of use of this agreement.

1 "Definition"
The definition of the term used in this Terms shall be as follows unless the context is to be interpreted differently.
(1) "Membership" means those who wish to provide a member service, approve this agreement, and approve the company among those who applied for membership registration.
(2) "Registration information" means any information provided by the Member to the Company for the purpose of receiving this service.
(3) "Personal information" means information that can identify a specific individual, such as an address, name, telephone number, e-mail, among registered information.
(4) "Authentication information" is the information necessary for the Company to authenticate the connection among the registration information, including the ID and password of each service.
(5) "Advertiser" refers to a person who delivers advertisements, introduces services or products through this service.

2 "Use of this service and membership registration, etc."
1. In order to use this service, you agree to the terms of this agreement, and the principal who uses this service apply for membership registration of this service, maintain it by membership registration need to do it. According to the company's prescribed criteria, we judge whether registration is permitted in response to an application for membership registration, and in case we approve registration, we notify the applicant to that effect, and the membership registration is completed.
2. If the person who applied for member registration pursuant to paragraph 1 falls under any of the following items, the Company shall be able to refuse membership registration. In this case, we are not obligated to explain the reason.
(1) When there is content that violates falsehood, mistake, missing, deficiency or public order and morality, or causes discomfort to a third party for all or part of the information provided to the Company in connection with member registration
(2) A minor, an adult ward, a curated conservator or an assistant, and the consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant has not been obtained
(3) If you have violated this agreement in the past
(4) Other When we deem it inappropriate
3. The member shall correct it so that it becomes always the latest information when there is a change in the information applied at the time of member registration.
4. Members must strictly manage their IDs and passwords etc. (hereinafter referred to as "passwords, etc.") registered when using this service with your own responsibility so as not to be illegally used. If it turns out that the password or the like is used or stolen by a third party, the member shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and follow the instructions from our company. The Company shall be deemed to be deemed to be the act of the member himself by any act performed by using the registered password and the like.
5. If the Member fails to make any amendment or notice under paragraph 3 or 4 of this Article, the Company shall be deemed to have withdrawn from such Member.
6. Membership of this service belongs exclusively to members. All rights of use of the Member's Service in this Service can not be assigned, loaned, owned, changed, traded or inherited to a third party.
7. If the member is a minor, you must use this service with the consent of a legal representative such as a custodian.
9. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the members by the actions of the Company under this section.

3 "Registration Information, Personal Information, Cookie Information, Advertisement ID"
1. We will use the registration information for the purposes of each item below.
(1) Operation of this service (including providing information to all members from our company to members)
(2) Provision of information on our services (not limited to this service) that we consider to be beneficial to members, or information on products and services etc. of advertiser companies and affiliated companies including advertisements
(3) Questionnaire survey and analysis for quality management of this service
(4) New services developed by our company, for developing new functions in this service
(5) Contact with the member regarding matters which seriously affect the service operation (including, but not limited to, substantial changes and temporary suspension of this service content)
(6) Contact from the member to seek consent regarding the handling of personal information

2. The Company shall not disclose registered information to third parties other than the persons other than the following, except in the cases of the following items.
(1) When aggregating and analyzing registration information for the purpose of improving this service, related business development and marketing of affiliated companies etc.
(2) In the case of disclosing or providing to third parties in the form that can not identify or identify individuals obtained by tabulation and analysis of the previous issue
(3) When disclosure and use of personal information is approved by the member
(4) Where it is deemed necessary to disclose or use personal information in order to provide the services the member wishes to have
(5) In cases where third parties, such as affiliated parties, need personal information for the purpose of providing services to members (these third parties exceed the range necessary for service provision of personal information provided by the Company It can not be used)
(6) In the case where a member who has been requested to respond to questionnaires provided by the Company as a service provides the character, numeral, still image, moving image or other information provided to the Company as answer information to a third party In case, the information provider of our company is limited to the ordering source and the partner company of the questionnaire, and it will be provided in a form that the individual can not identify)
(7) When sending information on advertisements, services etc of third parties such as our company or partners etc. to members
(8) Where the court, the public prosecutor's office, the police, the tax office, the bar association, or a public agency with authority conforming thereto have been requested to disclose properly
(9) When delegating all or part of the business conducted by the Company to a third party
(10) When it is deemed necessary for protecting the rights of our company, members, other third parties, property and services etc
(11) In case there is imminent danger to human life, body and property, etc. and there is an urgent necessity

3. We will handle personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy besides these Terms.
4. Members shall agree in advance that we will use the registration information as provided in this section.
5. The member shall be able to make a request for disclosure, deletion, correction or suspension of use of personal information registered in this service, and only when it can be confirmed that it is a request from the principal, the member shall promptly We shall correspond. In addition, the inquiry window of this service of our company is as follows.

Beyond Co., Ltd. support@beyond-inc.jp
(Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays unavailable: inquiries will be answered in order)

7. We will use cookie information for the purposes of each item below.
(1) Providing a smooth login environment
(2) Distribution and display of contents, advertisements that the Company judges to be beneficial to members.
(3) Analysis of member trends, planning and providing better services
(4) Different types of members are provided, different services are provided to each member, delivery and display of advertisements

4 "Content of the Service"
1. This service is a service that allows members to acquire various kinds of information, book and order goods and services, etc. through this application and skill.
2. The Company shall be able to offer the advertiser's products, services, etc. to members free of charge.
3. The Company shall be able to provide the service as needed at any time through websites that can be browsed through information communication equipment including mobile phones, e-mail, direct mail by mail, etc., or other means .
4. We will inform members about the occurrence of server failure, service update etc. by e-mail and website.
5. Members shall be responsible for all communication expenses necessary for receiving e-mails, browsing websites, etc. by information communication equipment etc. including mobile phones generated when receiving this service.
6. The Company shall be able to develop a third party for which the Company has separately entered into a contract or a campaign planned by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "campaign") within this service.
7. To the extent necessary for normal and healthy operation of this service, such as for the purpose of preventing a violation of this Agreement by a malicious member, the Company shall not disclose the contents to this service (various information posted on the profile , Remarks on bulletin boards, purchase information, etc.), and if the Company determines that it violates these Terms of Use, without prior notice to the Member, we may notify you of the function of some or all of this Service We may restrict usage or delete member information.

5 "Campaign · Questionnaire etc"
1. The Company shall be able to carry out campaigns and questionnaires, etc. as needed from time to time for members as part of their services.
2. The intellectual property rights including copyright and other rights relating to the content of the campaign and questionnaire such as the members are transferred to the Company at the time the member has sent the reply to the company, It shall conform to the handling of registration information and personal information stipulated in Article 3.
3. When implementing a campaign and questionnaire etc., we may offer gifts to members separately designated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "winners").
4. The member shall be able to make a request for disclosure, deletion, correction or suspension of use of personal information registered in this service in connection with campaigns and questionnaires etc. In case it can be confirmed that the request is from the principal As long as we will respond promptly to this. The inquiry window of our company in this service is as follows.

Beyond Co., Ltd. support@beyond-inc.jp
(Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays unavailable: inquiries will be answered in order)

5. If the registration under the preceding paragraph is not made, or if we register false information, or if we judge that there is a possibility, the prize winner will lose the right to receive the gift and we will We are not obligated to provide gifts.
6. We shall have no obligation to indemnify for any damages, disadvantages, etc. caused to the winner by the present and the previous clause.
7. The right to receive gifts shall not be transferred, loaned, renamed, rendered collateral or other act to be used by a third party.
8. The Member shall not infringe any copyright, portrait rights or any other rights of third parties for the data provided to us or the advertiser for the purpose of responding to questionnaires etc., and it is legitimate We guarantee each one.
9. In the event that any claims, objections, complaints, claims for damages, etc. arise from third parties on data provided, we will handle them at the responsibility and burden of the members, including attorneys' fees, We shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to our company.
10. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, if a legal request is made to the Company by the third party, or if damage to the Company arises, the member who caused the dispute or damage shall pay the expenses required for processing by the Company We shall compensate and compensate for damages.

6 "Intellectual Property Rights, etc."
1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other moral rights, ownership rights and other property rights that arise in texts, images, programs and other information constituting this service shall be protected by users Except for the rights pertaining to those created by you (excluding the cases listed in Article 10, paragraph 2), belong to the Company or a third party with such rights.
2. The Company shall use the copyrighted material of the members posted through this service free of charge and indefinitely for any reason in the area for our service or promotion etc. (copy, duplicate, modify, re-license to a third party and other It includes all uses). Upon such use, the member shall not exercise the moral rights of the author.
3. In case of problems such as infringement of third party's rights with respect to his work, the member shall solve such problem in its own cost and responsibility and shall not cause any troubles or damage to the Company I will.

7 "Prohibited matter"
1. In using the Service, the Member shall not perform the acts listed in the following items or any actions that may be feared, regardless of whether they are willful or negligent. In addition, when a member acts in violation of each item of this section, we may immediately take measures such as suspension of use of this service, deletion of contents posted by members including profile information. In that case, we do not accept any questions or complaints regarding the result of deletion and suspension of usage.

(1) Actions that infringe on legitimate rights such as proprietary rights of our company or third parties, any intellectual property rights including copyright, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc.
(2) acts of causing disadvantage, damaging other members or damaging the Company or a third party and violating honor
(3) Action contrary to public order and morals
(4) Acts that violate laws, statutes, etc.
(5) Actions aimed at profit in connection with services despite having no express prior approval by the Company
(6) Actions that impede the operation of services
(7) Action to destroy or destroy service trust
(8) Acts of registering false information
(9) Action to unlawfully use registration information, authentication information, etc. of members wishing to register members or members
(10) Intentional infringement of campaign and questionnaire information (excluding some of the members permitted by the Company)
(11) act of putting a burden on our server. Or, the operation of this service and the act of hindering the network
(12) The act of disclosing the contents of consultation in this service (regardless of casting and public disclosure of transcription, or any other method), despite the absence of prior explicit approval by the Company. /> (13) Action to promote the actions of the above items
(14) Other acts that our company deems inappropriate

2. Members shall not transmit conversations, postings, or messages that contain the contents, expressions, or contents and possibly such things as described below, in the use of this service. In addition, when a member publishes / transmits content violating each item of this section, we may take measures such as immediately stopping the use of this service, deletion of contributed contents, etc.

(1) Contents that we judge, solicit or encourage killing, abusing, suicide or suicidal acts or that we believe there is a fear thereof (including acts of posting killing / suicide methods etc)
(2) To affirm, solicit or promote crimes such as illegal drugs, illegal weapons such as firearms and tournaments, manufacturing of explosives, prostitution, provision of child pornography, forgery of public documents, murder, injury, fraud, theft or the like Contents that we judge to be existence
(3) Overly cruel or violent content, movies, images (including illustrations and paintings)
(4) Personal information without consent of the principal (However, information such as celebrities publicly disclosed is excluded)
(5) Expression / content that is interpreted as inappropriate on social norms, or whose fear is feared
(6) Content including adult images, animation (including illustrations and paintings, etc.)
(7) Contents, animation, images (including illustrations and paintings etc.) that markedly stimulate or excite libido
(8) Links to adult sites, expressions / contents related to dating sites or to these sites
(9) Submission of sex act within the service, or expressions intended for it
(10) Creation of articles intended for commercial advertisement, publicity (excluding those within the scope explicitly permitted by the Company and our company tie-up etc)
(11) Anything that falsifies itself or an organization, regardless of individuals or corporations
(12) Things created without permission by using unauthorized copyrighted material (letters, images, illustrations, etc.)
(13) Information such as solicitation of Infinite Chain Lecture (Nazumi lecture), Lead Mail, Network business related (including MLM, Money game etc.), and similar information that we judge
(14) Preliminary movement of elections, campaign movement or similar acts, and content that violates public election law
(15) Contents that slander or slander or insult others, content hurting others' honor or credit
(16) Written content of intimidation wording that notifies people to harm for the purpose of causing fear of their opponents
(17) Expression and contents leading to discrimination by race, ethnicity, gender, creed, social status, place of residence, physical characteristics, medical history, education, property etc.
(18) Contents that are judged to adversely affect minors' personality formation, etc.
(19) Contents violating laws and regulations
(20) What promotes the contents of each of the above items
(21) Others What we judge as inappropriate

3. In the case of each item of paragraph 1 or 2 of this Article, if the Company suffers any damage, the member shall compensate the Company for damages. In addition, when a member publishes or transmits an act or content that violates this Article, we may take measures such as immediately stopping the use of this service and deleting the contents posted. Even if there are any damages to the members on the spot, we are not responsible for any responsibility and we will not accept any questions or complaints at all.

8 "Suspension, suspension, termination of this service"
1. The Company may suspend all or part of the Service if it is caused by any of the causes listed below, and in the event of any damage to the Member or third party due to the cause, We assume no responsibility.

(1) Maintenance and inspection of the computer system for providing this service on a regular or urgent basis
(2) When this service becomes inoperable due to an emergency such as fire, blackout, natural disasters
(3) When the operation of this service becomes impossible due to war, civil war, riots, noise, labor disputes etc
(4) When this service can not be provided due to defects in the computer system for providing the service, unauthorized access from a third party, computer virus infection, etc.
(5) When this service can not be provided due to laws, regulations, etc.
(6) Others, when judging that our company can not afford

2. When stopping the operation of this service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, we will notify the members and third parties in advance by e-mail etc. However, in case of emergency, this is not the limit.
3. By notifying the members and third parties in advance by e-mail or the like in advance, we can stop or terminate all or part of this service, causing damage to members or third parties In case, we shall assume no responsibility.
4. The Company shall be able to change the contents or name of this service without notifying the member and the third party in advance by e-mail etc. We will not bear any responsibility if damage occurs to the member or the third party by this.

9 "Resignation"
1. If you just uninstalled this application / skill, registration information of the member · personal information · information posted to the service by members will not be deleted. To delete these information, please delete it by the method specified by us.
2. If a member withdraws from this service, he or she shall lose all membership rights, such as the right to receive all the services stipulated in Article 4.
3. When the member falls under any of the following reasons or when the Company judges that there is a possibility of it, we will not inform the members beforehand and do not demand, without obtaining the consent of the members, Upon the discretion of the Company, we may immediately suspend the use of the whole or a part of the service, withdrawal from the membership, or other measures deemed appropriate by the Company to said member. In addition, we will not accept any questions or complaints about the disposal and measures.
(1) When the Company determines that it violates these terms
(2) When there is falsehood or error in the registration information
(3) When a member who has violated the terms of use in the past has re-registered
(4) When impersonating as a third party and registering members
(5) When the prohibited matter specified in Article 8 has been done
(6) When a member dies
(7) Cancellation of payment or impossibility of payment, or commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings or other petition for commencement of bankruptcy procedures
(8) Anti-social forces, etc. (Organized crime groups, organized crime groups, quasi-constituent members, general meeting houses, social movements such as gobo, special intelligence violence group, antisocial forces, and others) When we judge that we are engaged in some kind of exchange and engagement with antisocial forces, etc., such as cooperation or involvement in maintaining, operating or managing anti-social forces etc. through fund provision etc. < br> (9) When falling under any of the items of Article 2, paragraph 2
(10) Others, when we judge it as inappropriate as a member
4. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, if we suffer any damage, the member shall indemnify such damages to us.
5. The Company shall not be obligated to disclose the reasons for the measures specified in paragraph 2 to the members.
6. The Company shall be able to take actions such as withdrawal from membership or other measures deemed appropriate by the Company for those members who have notified or requested the members in advance and not less than 180 days from the final access.
7. Regardless of the reason, members who have withdrawn from this service will be unable to use this service. Even when a member is mistakenly withdrawn from membership, membership can not be restored, and when using this service again, membership registration will be carried out again.

10 "Disclaimer"
1. The Company shall not be liable for damages caused or induced by using the content of this service, products or services from casts / advertisers, results obtained by using information, or the legality of the information itself And morality, the permission of the right, the accuracy, etc., we do not assume any responsibility.
2. In the services provided by the Company, problems arising between members or between members and third parties (including but not limited to advertisers) (Proposal of illegal acts contrary to public order and morals, defamation, insult, privacy In respect of infringement, intimidation, slander slander, harassment, etc), we shall resolve between said members or between said member and third party, and we will not bear any responsibility.
3. We will not be liable for any damages arising out of delays or undelivered e-mails due to the failure of the computer system for providing this service, misdisplay on this application / skill or members-only page, We shall not bear any obligation to compensate. In addition, if there is a misdisplay, we can adjust it according to our authority and change it to accurate display.
4. The Company shall not be obliged to indemnify for damages caused by the environment etc. of the computer, line, software etc. used by the member. In addition, we may notify members about such environment etc. by the method separately specified.
5. The Company shall not be obliged to indemnify for damages suffered by suspension or suspension of this service or change of service contents.
6. The Company shall not be obligated to compensate damages for computers, lines, software, etc. caused by downloading from this website, third party website including advertisers, partners media and computer virus infection etc. We shall assume.
7. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for transactions (including promotion participation such as prize prizes) with third parties including advertisers conducted through the service and all transactions shall be conducted by the third party And shall be made at the responsibility of the member.
8. The Company shall not be responsible for any delay, change, suspension, discontinuance, abolition, loss of information provided through this service, or any other damages incurred in relation to this service will do.
9. We do not guarantee any guarantee for this service and we do not guarantee that there is no practical or legal defect in this service.

11 "Scope of responsibility"
Even in cases where the Company assumes liability for damages against members irrespective of the provisions of this section or other reasons that we disclaims liability for damages due to the application of the Consumer Contract Law or for other reasons, our liability is negligence The gross negligence shall be excluded.) Limited to the direct and normal damage actually occurred in the real part of the damage caused to the member due to default or illegal act.

12 "Revised regulations"
1. The Company shall be able to revise these Terms without prior notice to the Member.
2. The revised terms and conditions shall be in effect from the time they are displayed on this application / skill unless otherwise specified by the Company.
3. Based on the preceding paragraph, if the member does not withdraw within the period specified by our company from the day when announcing the revision of this agreement, or after revising this agreement on this application · skill In case of using, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the revision of these Terms, and the revised regulations shall take effect between the Member and the Company.
4. Members shall not be able to file an unknown or disapproval of the contents after the time point of the effect set forth in the preceding paragraph.

13 "Notice"
1. Notice and contact from the Company to the member concerning this service shall be posted on appropriate sites in the website operated by the Company and other methods judged to be appropriate by the Company. We are not responsible for any damage caused by notice or liaison from our company, such as being delayed or not.
2. Notification and communication from the member concerning this service to the Company shall be made by sending an inquiry form installed at a suitable place in the website operated by the Company or by the method specified by the Company. In the event of notification / contact from the member, the Company shall be able to verify the identity of the member by the method prescribed by the Company. In addition, as for the method of replying to the notice / contact from the member, it is possible to respond according to the method that we consider optimal every time, and the member can not specify the answering method.

14 "Prohibition of assignment and transfer of business"
1. The member shall assign, transfer, set up collateral, lend, or otherwise dispose of the third party with respect to the contractual status under this Agreement or the rights or obligations under this Agreement without prior written consent of the Company I can not do it.
2. In cases where the Company transfers the business pertaining to this Service to a third party (including business transfer, company split or any case where the Service is relocated), in accordance with the assignment of the said business, , The rights and obligations under this agreement, registration information and other information can be transferred to the assignee of the said business, and the member shall agree in advance such transfer .

15 "Separability potential"
Even if any provision of this agreement or part thereof is deemed invalid pursuant to the Consumer Contract Act or other laws or regulations, the remaining provisions of this Agreement and some provisions deemed to be invalid The remaining part shall continue to remain valid and modify the invalid provision or part thereof to the extent necessary to make it effective, and to the maximum extent the provision or part thereof invalidated And the interpretation shall be interpreted to ensure equivalent effects legally and economically.

16 "Consultation and Jurisdiction Court"
1. In case of any doubts or problems arising between us, members, our company and third parties in connection with our service, we shall consult with each other in good faith and resolve.
2. If there is no doubt even in the consultation set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Tokyo Simplified Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the first examiner's exclusive jurisdictional court if the problem is not resolved.

17 "Governing Law"
This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.